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SHAPE-SEA Research Award

“SHAPE-SEA Research Award” is an award in recognition of excellence in research in the field of human rights and peace in SEA and will be granted annually from 2016-2018.The purpose of this award is to raise the profile of human rights and peace research and act as an incentive to encourage students and activists to explore the 5 different themes identified by the program proponents. The second objective of the prize is to facilitate mapping and dissemination of studies relating to human rights and peace in SEA.The Award will have open nomination, and candidates will not be limited to research projects supported by the SHAPE-SEA Program. The award will be presented to the best research nominated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. the research is on human rights and/or peace in Southeast Asia;
  2. the research is by either individual or institutional projects, and
  3. the research projects are innovative in theory, methodology, and solutions for human rights and peace concerns.

The Program Committee may choose to develop additional criteria. The Publications and Public Relations Committee will generate the shortlist for the award, which will be forwarded to the International Expert Jury, selected from outside the AUN and SEAHRN membership, for their consideration.Please see for the 2016 Call for Research Awards

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