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National Seminar on Human Rights in Malaysia

22 October 2015Human Rights Research Group of the Faculty of Law (HHRG), University of MalayaThe HRRG is committed to promoting greater awareness of human rights issues across the board, carrying out impactful research projects and facilitating the carrying out of such activities with partners and collaborators from both within and without the country.  The objective of this seminar was to provide the space for a discourse on human rights issues currently of importance but not sufficiently discussed in Malaysia. The topics include ASEAN and Human Rights, Business Accountability and Human Rights, Governance and Justice and Human Rights and Academic Freedom.List of theme and speakers involved as follows :

  1. ASEAN and Human Rights : Dr Khoo Ying Hooi & Shanthi Dairiam
  2. Business Accountability and Human Rights : Dr. Lee Hwok Aun & Melizel Asuncion
  3. Governance, Justice and Human Rights : Prof. Datuk Dr. Khaw lake Tee & Fadiah Nadwa Fikri
  4. Academic Freedom : Assoc. Prof. Rosli Mahat & Fiona Lim

Participants included  academics and students  from both public and private universities, members of the legal fraternity, government organisations (Attorney General’s Chambers, Prime Minister’s Department, Ministry of Women, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affair) and civil society organisations ( SUARAM, AWAM, Tenaganita, HAKAM, WAO, Lawyers for Liberty, Transparency International, Amnesty International), and the National Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM). 

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