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Call for SHAPE-SEA Research Awards (Closed)

SHAPE-SEA Research Awards  will serve  as recognition to acknowledge the good work being done in this field and in this way encourage researchers to continue with their endeavours. The award would also play the role of publicising excellent research not just to the academic and civil society communities but also to the public at large as we shall be giving out the awards at either our bi-annual conference or one of our seminars where we shall ensure that there is a media presence.There are two categories of awards that we will be handing out:

  • First category is the Emerging Researcher award for Masters and PhD candidates from all Southeast Asian universities who have completed their dissertations/thesis.
  • The second category is an open General Public category for research done by academics and civil society members (individual not projects) who are from the Southeast Asia region.

Please see call-for-research-awards

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