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Lecture Tour by Dr. Azmi Sharom

Dr.  Azmi  Sharom  Azmi  SharomAssociate  ProfessorFaculty  of  Law, University  of  Malaya   Kuala  Lumpur,  Malaysia4-­‐9  Dec  2016Dr.  Sharom  shared  his  expertise  in  human rights, rule of law, Malaysian Constitution, and the Freedom of Expression and Press through  lectures  and  a  public  seminar.  He  exposed   stakeholders,  especially  students and academics  to  human  rights  issues  in   other  Southeast  Asian  countries  in  the  context  of  the  rule  of   law.

Lectures included:

  1. “Human Rights and Rule of Law in Southeast Asia” at Airlangga University (6 Dec)
  2. “Malaysian Constitutional System and Its impact on Human Rights Protection” at the Muhammadiyah University of Surabaya (7 Dec)

Public Seminar 

  1.  “Press Freedom in Malaysia” at University of Surabaya (9 Dec) covered by the press –­‐ beda-­‐ancaman-­‐kebebasan-­‐pers-­‐di-­‐indonesia-­‐dan-­‐malaysia

Dr. Sharom also met with officials from Airlangga University, and Muhammadiyan University of Surabaya.

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